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SqlBak – SQL Server Backup and Monitoring Tool


Nowadays businesses are going online. Hence, all the sensitive data are kept on cloud servers which are secure so that you don’t lose data.  But, you may have heard “nothing is safe online” because there are many tools and techniques out there which can be used to manipulate servers to hack them. There are many hacker gangs active who can ... Read More »

Why You Should Consider Using an SMS Tracker App


We cannot deny the fact how easy our lives have become due to mobile devices. We can reach out to any person, get hands on any sort of information with the help of a mobile phone. We use a mobile phone for everything these days, and it has become a necessity. Children have become so obsessed with mobile phones that ... Read More »

Disable PC USB port and increase your system security in 2 minutes


You data in your Personal Computer are very crucial and you won’t like to share it with anyone without your permission. But many times your data can be stolen by anyone using Pendrives, USB data storage without your knowledge. Have you ever thought to protect your USB port so that no one can use your system’s USB port without your ... Read More »

Simple but useful keyboard shortcuts in window 7 –Part 3


Window 7 comprises of many shortcuts which can be very useful in our day to day activities to speed up our daily task in office, home etc. All such shortcuts are being searched, tried and tested before sharing on this blog. We have already shared some of useful shortcuts of window 7. Give a check to the previous series of ... Read More »

A Hot Movie Season Gift From Multimedia Giant WonderFox: DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway [Offer closed]


Review come giveaway on STL: Till now you have been reading a review of different software tools, android application etc on stupidtechlife. This is the first software tool’s review which will gift you with DVD Ripper which worth of $39.95 just for free. So read on and participate to win this DVD Ripper. Read More »

Simple but useful keyboard shortcuts in window 7 –Part 2


Once again I am back with series of shortcuts in window 7. I have already shared part 1 of Simple but useful keyboard shortcuts in window 7. Hope this was helpful to you. As I have mentioned that I will be sharing some more shortcuts in window 7 in part 2 of the series, let’s have a look over more ... Read More »

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