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SqlBak – SQL Server Backup and Monitoring Tool


Nowadays businesses are going online. Hence, all the sensitive data are kept on cloud servers which are secure so that you don’t lose data.  But, you may have heard “nothing is safe online” because there are many tools and techniques out there which can be used to manipulate servers to hack them. There are many hacker gangs active who can ... Read More »

20 Best Flat Design Electronics Templates Worth Your Attention


Looking for the best flat design electronics templates? Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. Like it or not – but flat design is everywhere now. It conveys a sense of trendiness and simplicity. Besides, flat design is easier to support across multiple digital devices. With the focus on a clean, uncluttered layout, flat design aims to make the appearance ... Read More »

Why You Should Consider Using an SMS Tracker App


We cannot deny the fact how easy our lives have become due to mobile devices. We can reach out to any person, get hands on any sort of information with the help of a mobile phone. We use a mobile phone for everything these days, and it has become a necessity. Children have become so obsessed with mobile phones that ... Read More »

Guide: Setting up a VPN Connection on Windows 10

It has been a while since Windows 10 arrived in the market, making most users acquainted with its new features. After using and experiencing Windows 10 on your computer, you cannot go back to Windows 7. The interface of Windows 10 is very user-friendly. The moment you start using it, you gradually start getting the hang of it. To keep ... Read More »

Reduce mobile data usage by disabling auto play FACEBOOK video


Facebook one of the fastest growing and evolving social network, has started enhancing user experience with pleasing GUI, navigation and many more. It has incorporated many new features on the webpage as well as for mobile users. One of the coolest feature is auto play of videos posted on facebook including videos shared by friends or sponsored videos for promotion. ... Read More »

Disable PC USB port and increase your system security in 2 minutes


You data in your Personal Computer are very crucial and you won’t like to share it with anyone without your permission. But many times your data can be stolen by anyone using Pendrives, USB data storage without your knowledge. Have you ever thought to protect your USB port so that no one can use your system’s USB port without your ... Read More »

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