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A Hot Movie Season Gift From Multimedia Giant WonderFox: DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway [Offer closed]


Review come giveaway on STL: Till now you have been reading a review of different software tools, android application etc on stupidtechlife. This is the first software tool’s review which will gift you with DVD Ripper which worth of $39.95 just for free. So read on and participate to win this DVD Ripper. Read More »

5 WordPress plugins to Beautify your blog posts


There are zillions of bloggers who publish articles every day on their blogs. The number is increasing every day and thus it is very important to stand out of the crowd. Most of the bloggers don’t focus on beautifying their blog posts either due to lack of knowledge or due to laziness but it should be taken care of because ... Read More »

Simple but useful keyboard shortcuts in window 7 –Part 2


Once again I am back with series of shortcuts in window 7. I have already shared part 1 of Simple but useful keyboard shortcuts in window 7. Hope this was helpful to you. As I have mentioned that I will be sharing some more shortcuts in window 7 in part 2 of the series, let’s have a look over more ... Read More »

5 Free iPhone App will make you fall in love with your iPhone


Application is to make your day to day task easier and more handy. App developers are trying their best to bring almost everything under your fingertips. Using application you can access your bank account from your smartdevice, you can track your daily activity and planned accordingly. Here I have collected and listed 5 free iphone app which is very useful. ... Read More »

Read real time text image in camera using Word Lens and Google Translator


You all use google translator in your PC, Laptop and now almost each and everyone had it in their smartphone. So far translating between two different languages had been easier for almost everyone using google translator. If you want to translate anything then you will open google translator and write anything whatever you want to translate. Read More »

Simple but useful keyboard shortcuts in window 7 –Part I


Almost everyone is using Microsoft product, one of which is window 7, an operating system which is very user friendly and highly customize to please user’s eyes and attract their attention.  There are many keyboard shortcuts available in window 7 to make it handier.  I have explored some of the keyboard shortcuts which I will be sharing with you in ... Read More »

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