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SqlBak – SQL Server Backup and Monitoring Tool


Nowadays businesses are going online. Hence, all the sensitive data are kept on cloud servers which are secure so that you don’t lose data.  But, you may have heard “nothing is safe online” because there are many tools and techniques out there which can be used to manipulate servers to hack them. There are many hacker gangs active who can ... Read More »

Read real time text image in camera using Word Lens and Google Translator


You all use google translator in your PC, Laptop and now almost each and everyone had it in their smartphone. So far translating between two different languages had been easier for almost everyone using google translator. If you want to translate anything then you will open google translator and write anything whatever you want to translate. Read More »

5 useful options in VLC media player


There are plenty of media player available online that can be downloaded for daily use. But not every player will provide different useful option in them. A well known player, VLC media player is widely used in personal laptops, PC and even in smartphones. Have you ever explored the options in VLC media player ? It’s very interesting and useful ... Read More »

5 Google chrome tricks and shortcuts – PART II


  Google chrome comes with many option which can be use to work with chrome effectively. I have already shared the Part I of ‘5 Google chrome tricks and shortcuts’. This is Part II which will cover some more shortcut and tricks. Read More »

Hide Active Window Into the System Tray Using UltraHide


Almost all of you must have experience the situation like you are doing some private work on your computer. And suddenly someone enters in your room and you need to close your work because you cannot minimize since another guy is quit smart to see your minimize window. Another instance, suppose you are in office and you are reading something ... Read More »

5 Google chrome tricks and shortcuts – PART I


Google Chrome one of the popular browsers, daily used for browsing over World Wide Web. You use this browser not only in your desktop, laptop but also in your smart phone. Get latest Google chrome for fast browsing. Don’t you thing if you are using anything daily then you should try to put less efforts or less time to do ... Read More »

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