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How to Identify If a Laptop Battery or Charger is Faulty?

Operating the laptop becomes a tough thing if any of these two ruling components (Charger & Laptop) do not function properly. A faulty charger or battery is the most common problem that users generally encounter while using a laptop. It is not very often that both your charger and battery will stop working at the same time. Moreover, when you are having some issues related, there is very low possibility that both battery and charger stop working at the same time.

Checking whether the problem is with the battery or the charger is easy and is possible in a few steps. In this article, we will look forward to telling you if the laptop battery or charger is faulty.

How can I Test My Laptop Battery?

The laptop battery is the main cause of its portability. The size of the battery is available in different sizes depending upon their performance. Generally, a heavier battery indicates a smoother performance of your laptop. If your battery is durable, then you can do your work without any interruption in case of power failure.

Batteries can be divided into three categories:

  • Lithium-ion
  • Nickel metal hydride
  • Nickel

The most typically used in recent days is the battery made of lithium-ion. Various categories of batteries come with various characteristics.


Checking whether your laptop battery is working or not, is extremely easy. There is no need to take the laptop to a specialist at first. Following are the steps that will answer all your queries to the question of how I can test my laptop battery.

  • Initially, unplug the laptop from the power.
  • Be sure that the battery has been installed in the right manner.
  • Now you need to press the power button on your laptop. If the button powers on, then genuinely, your battery is perfectly fine. Or else, the battery is not in a proper condition.
  • Now the final step is that you have to try powering the battery by connecting with the charger. If the laptop powers on, you have to understand that the battery you are using is having an issue.

Sometimes, though the battery is still charging, the function is not as smooth as earlier. So, how to tell if the laptop battery is bad? You can charge the laptop fully. Then, try to check how many hours it survives without any work done on the laptop. If it drains its charge very quickly, then surely there is a fault in the battery, and it is on the way to replacement.

How do I Test My Laptop Charger?

The charger is one of the most crucial electronic gadgets that are incredibly important because this is what helps you charge your laptop’s battery. Poor handling or short circuits caused by unstable connections are the ultimate cause that brings about a climax to your charger. A dead charger must never be used to charge a laptop as it is extremely dangerous for the laptop itself.


Do you know how to tell whether the laptop’s charger is dead? Let us now discuss the steps you can take to understand the condition of your laptop charger. Following are the steps that will answer your query as to whether my laptop battery is not charging.

  • First of all, you have to connect the charger to the laptop. It is pretty obvious to have an indicator on the laptop that lets you know whether the laptop is in a charging mode or not.
  • If the application of the charger lights up the indicator, then undoubtedly, your charger is perfect.
  • On the contrary, if the indicator does not light up, then be sure that the charger is dead.

At times, it may happen that the charger port is having an issue, and hence, the charging is getting disrupted. In that case, you need to do some further testing. You might not know, but some chargers have their indicators on the adapter. So, if you find the adaptor lights up in connection with the laptop and is signaling you that your laptop is in charging mode, then the charger might be in the right condition.

How do I Repair My Laptop Battery and Charger?


Now, that you know how to tell if a laptop battery or charger is bad. It is not at all an easy task to repair the laptop battery and charger. On the very first note, you will have to analyze it. Knowing the issue on the primary note is the most necessary thing.

Is your laptop not working on battery? Then you are in trouble. If the laptop battery that you were using is on the verge of completing its lifespan, then there is nothing else left to do but replace it. Sometimes, the copper metals (as seen in the above image) in contact with the battery require scrubbing to discard the rust or any other dust. Dust is also one of the reasons that lead to the malfunctioning of the battery.

Furthermore, there is software available that can easily help to regulate or enhance battery performance. If the LED that signals the charging mode light up, then the charger is not an issue that is troubling you. However, if the LED does not light up, then undeniably, the charger is an issue. Most of the time, the issue is with the power cord.

You can fix the problem of the power cord by fixing the voltage of the regulator IC. But it demands an expert for its initiation. Moreover, if you plan to replace the IC, it is not too easy to do. This is the ultimate reason why people prefer buying a new battery rather than replacing the old one. But analyzing the charger is a good thing because it might not be detected in the mentioned way when the issue is too small.


Now that you are completely aware of how to identify if a laptop battery or charger is faulty, you need to apply them whenever you are in a situation that might trouble you with a dilemma. You can recheck whether you are having any issues with your laptop battery and charger or not. I hope this post helps in understanding the mentioned issues. If you have got any queries, don’t forget to ask in the comment section.

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