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Simple steps to opt out from Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk is an amazing feature that take advantage over fraction part of your home network or Bluetooth. But users are concern with this feature as your home network will become a part of open network using Sidewalk feature. Hence, user might want to opt out from Amazon Sidewalk since data privacy is more important.

Amazon has published white paper on the sidewalk where they have described everything in detail about functions, feature, encryption used in this project.

But we know every feature comes at the cost of something. And here we are concern about the network shared to another device in the open network. Although amazon has used three layers of Encryption to protect user privacy over the network, but it will only last until someone misused this feature.

Check an ultimate guide of Sidewalk: All you need to know about Amazon Sidewalk

Below are the device that currently support the Sidewalk but many more device will come in the future to use this features.

  • Amazon Echo – 3rd and 4th Gen
  • Amazon Echo Dot – 3rd and 4th Gen
  • Amazon Echo Dot for Kids – 3rd and 4th Gen
  • Amazon Echo Dot with Clock – 3rd and 4th Gen
  • Amazon Echo Plus – 1st and 2nd Gen
  • Amazon Echo Show, Studio, Input and Flex
  • Ring Floodlight Cam
  • Ring Spotlight Cam Wired
  • Ring Spotlight Cam Mount

How to opt out Amazon Sidewalk?

Before proceeding to disable amazon sidewalk, make sure you are using updated Amazon Alexa app in your mobile device. Once you have updated Alexa app installed, follow below step.

Open the Alexa app

Amazon-alexa(Image Credit: Amazon)


Open More and select Settings

Setting-alexa(Image Credit: Amazon)


Select Account Settings

account-setting-alexa(Image Credit: Amazon)


Select Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon-sidewalk-alexa(Image Credit: Amazon)


Turn Amazon Sidewalk On or Off for your account


Disable-sidewalk-alexa(Image Credit: Amazon)


At anytime if you want to use the Sidewalk feature, just slide the button to enable

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