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5 Google chrome tricks and shortcuts – PART I


Google Chrome one of the popular browsers, daily used for browsing over World Wide Web. You use this browser not only in your desktop, laptop but also in your smart phone. Get latest Google chrome for fast browsing. Don’t you thing if you are using anything daily then you should try to put less efforts or less time to do ... Read More »

Use Virtual memory to Speed up your Computer Performance


What is Virtual Memory? Virtual Memory is a memory management technique that conceptually use more memory than might be physically available, using the technique of paging. Hence it increased the processing and execution speed of the program. Sometime while working on the computer we may come across the notification to increase the size of virtual memory if not then you may have ... Read More »

Remove Virus/unwanted file Using Command Prompt


Hi, friend I know that almost everyone who is using computer must be having antivirus installed on their system and some of them may not. But sometime it happens that your antivirus doesn’t detect virus even though you have 100% doubt that your Pendrive must have virus because you brought your Pendrive from somewhere like cyber cafe, PC from where ... Read More »

How to remove ‘IDM has been registered with the fake serial number ’ error?


Almost everyone is aware about ‘Internet Download Manager’ (IDM). You might have been using this application since it helps you to download files from web at high speed. I would say, this is from one of the best tool to be used to download files from internet. But you may have been facing the pop up that ‘IDM has been ... Read More »

How to login in Gmail when you don’t have your phone to receive 2 step verification passwords?


Google provide 2 step verification to protect your Gmail account. This 2 step verification is done by sending verification password on your registered mobile number. Many times it happens that you forget your phone to carry and you want to access your Gmail account. Also it may happen that you have lost your mobile phone and want to access your ... Read More »

How to install offline Bluestack on window 7?


If you are android programmer and you are developing android application then you would need an emulator or an android device to test your android application. As a developer, you must be aware about the Bluestack which is an emulator to be installed on PC. This emulator helps to run and test android application same as it can be done ... Read More »

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