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How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Amazon

Many people start a blog with the aim to make money online. Some of them achieve a grand success because they make blogging as their passion + profession. While some struggle a lot to drive traffic to their blog. There are multiple ways one can start earning by monetizing their blog. One of the successful ways of monetizing is affiliate program offered by Amazon.

Basic funda of earning through Amazon is by getting a commission on per product sales.  To start with Amazon affiliate you neither need any physical store nor a brand shop in big Mall. Online making money is now easier with Amazon affiliate program. You just need to setup one blog where you will be writing something about the product and recommending same to your reader. You can attract as many readers as you can by writing a genuine review about the product.

Setup blog to review product

This is very first step since you will be writing everything here about any product. Whenever user land on your blog, it becomes your responsibility to sell the product to the user. Keep one thing in mind, If you are not able to convince user in two minutes to buy a product then you will lose one important customer from your blog. So it becomes very important to write review effectively and trust worthy. You can always take help of a professional writer to write the article for your blog.

I would recommend checking ContentMart, here you will find highly qualified, skilled and experienced team of writers. These writers have profound knowledge about niche sectors and could churn out some excellent copies for you to put on your site. Remember, content is the key to success and thus, must be top notch at any cost. So make the best choice for your blog and uncover all stone to achieve success.

Steps to become Amazon affiliate

  1. Visit Amazon affiliate program page and sign up if you have registered with Amazon site.
  2. Enter you registered email address or just enter your login credential to start with affiliate setup process.singin-amazon-affiliate-program
  3. After logging, you will have to provide detail like Payee detail i.e address, name etc. Once entered click on Next button.account-information-for-making-money-online-affiliate-program
  4. At second step it will ask your blog or mobile app detail in case if you have developed any application. Enter blog/mobile apps detail and
  5. At this step, it will ask for more detail about you and your blog like why did you join an affiliate, which blog you are using, what is the traffic of your blog, etc. Here you will also need to give preferred associate store ID.unqiue-store-id-to-affiliate-program
  6. Try to provide as many genuine details as you
  7. Here you go with your unique associate ID which you will be using to identify as a unique
  8. You can also update your taxation information and payment information.
  9. Amazon will verify your entered detail before approving your affiliate account.

Once your account is approved, you can start publishing a review about Amazon product on your blog.

You can view a report of your earning from Amazon product using report menu given in your associate login.


Being Amazon affiliate marketer, you will have to keep patience because you will get less commission on each product. If you want to earn more commission as Amazon affiliate marketer then you will have to sell more product which is expensive. You can try selling an expensive product like a refrigerator, DSLR camera, Apple product, etc.

Patience with hardwork always pays off. Keep writing a genuine review about the product and be honest in writing reviews. Once your reader starts trusting on your review then you can make good amount by just writing a review of the article.

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  1. I have made two times affiliate account in amazon but it was deactivated later because their was no sale for 180 days….now I will try one more time…hope this time I will earn some commission..thanks for sharing these details Shivkumar…!!

  2. Hi, from my point of view doing affiliate marketing exclusively with Amazon is wrong.

    The % commission is not so high, and you should really sell a lot of products to create a passive automatic income, and for this you need a website with a lot of traffic, so this is even more difficult, but above all it is not fast.

    For me it is necessary to integrate multiple affiliation systems and test them. Furthermore it is right when you write that you can promote Amazon products with high price, for this it is good to consider doing Affiliate Marketing with Top Tiers products or High Ticket products.

    However I found your post interesting, I read it with great pleasure. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Robert,

      I agree with you that The % commission is not so high, and we should really sell a lot of products to create a passive automatic income.

      But if you have reputed blog and good traffic and you know how to target correct customer then it becomes easy. For any income we do required hard work to do in background, we can’t just start affiliate marketing and expect high income inflow from next day.

      Trying multiple affiliation systems would also takes time and many are not genuine. Whereas if we work on our blog to get organic traffic then we don’t have to depend on multiple affiliation systems.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

      Have a great day ahead!

      >SK Lohar
      Shivkumar recently posted…How to stay safe while surfing the web on your SmartphoneMy Profile


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