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How to edit host or Read-only file in window 7?


Some files are very important and should not be edited, so that everything works normally in the system or no one can edit for the sake of security. Such files are saved with ‘Read-only’ property. One more instance you may come across is that you want to edit host file which is located in your Read More »

Transfer files at highest speed using Wifi File transfer


There are many android applications which help to transfer file from one android device to another device. They also provides quite good speed for file transfer among android device. Check this android application ‘Superbeam’ which helps to transfer files at high speed among android device. But what about transferring files from android device to personal computer and from personal computer ... Read More »

Earn free recharge for your mobile using POCKET MONEY android application


Android application provides many opportunities to earn free recharge for an android user. I have already share Ladooo android application which helps you to earn free recharge for your mobile and DTH recharge. Today I have got another application which will help you to get instant recharge for your mobile by just spending couple of minutes with this application. Let’s ... Read More »

5 useful options in VLC media player


There are plenty of media player available online that can be downloaded for daily use. But not every player will provide different useful option in them. A well known player, VLC media player is widely used in personal laptops, PC and even in smartphones. Have you ever explored the options in VLC media player ? It’s very interesting and useful ... Read More »

5 Google chrome tricks and shortcuts – PART II


  Google chrome comes with many option which can be use to work with chrome effectively. I have already shared the Part I of ‘5 Google chrome tricks and shortcuts’. This is Part II which will cover some more shortcut and tricks. Read More »

Hide Active Window Into the System Tray Using UltraHide


Almost all of you must have experience the situation like you are doing some private work on your computer. And suddenly someone enters in your room and you need to close your work because you cannot minimize since another guy is quit smart to see your minimize window. Another instance, suppose you are in office and you are reading something ... Read More »

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