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Deal with DealGuru and Earn from AskMeBazaar


What is DealGuru? DealGuru is a novice site that been quite recently launched to offer some of the best deals to both the buyers and sellers. Online shopping is the growing business that has astounded millions and increased the sales of products. People are also wary about the fact of strolling around the market lanes to find their suitable products. ... Read More »

Ask anything to Baap of all app – AskMe


Applications are the valuable properties of a smart phone. A smart phone without suitable apps is a smart phone bought to waste money. People generally carry a bunch of applications in their smart phones, one for handling spoons, one for the knife and another to put the food into mouth. If you want to eat your dinner, you should do ... Read More »

How to Recover Data Using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?


Data is one of the most important things of which you have to take care. Almost everything may be office files, important sheet, documents, images, recorded videos and audios etc plays an important role in your privacy and security. And if this data get lost then you have to face unexpected situation which Read More »

Earn free recharge for Smartphone using LINE app


Line is another instant messaging application which allows you to send instant message to your friends and relative etc. If you consider app store for android, iPhone etc then you will notice that there are many application which has been built and still, there are many application which is getting added to the app Read More »

Fitbit app now for window phone users


Fitbit app is fitness tracking application, it works via pairing the Fitbit One or Flex on your smartphone and from there on, you can keep a track on your fitness levels, food intake, steps covered in a day and so on. What is Fitbit app? Fitbit app provides you flexibility to manage your progress on-the-go. Using Fitbit app your can ... Read More »

Now Mobile users in US can unlock their phone legally


In US, most phones only work on specific networks. And one cannot use their phone on other networks which are not registered for that specific device. To use the same phone on other networks, the phone has to be unlocked to access networks other than for which it is registered. Unlocking phone without legal permission from the manufacturer was considered Read More »

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