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Fitbit app now for window phone users

Fitbit app is fitness tracking application, it works via pairing the Fitbit One or Flex on your smartphone and from there on, you can keep a track on your fitness levels, food intake, steps covered in a day and so on.

What is Fitbit app?

Fitbit app provides you flexibility to manage your progress on-the-go. Using Fitbit app your can sync all your Fitbit.com data with the app and can also add new data which will automatically gets sync with fitbit.com data.

Main Motto of Fitbit

The main motto of Fitbit app is to help people to lead healthier and more active lives.

Fitbit app available for Window Phone Users

Fitbit applications were only available for Android Users and iOS users. But from now window phone users can also get wearable treatment that had been only available in Android and iOS phone.

As this app is recently made available to Window Phone users, this application is not available for previous version of window phone i.e. 7.5, 7.8 or 8. To make useful and efficient use of this application, you need to have window phone 8.1 versions.  And this application can be downloaded from Window app store.

This app will help you to keep track on your daily activities like total distance travel, food calories burned, weight of the person etc. All this is possible with the help of the sensor in smartphone which uses inbuilt functionality of the smartphones to accomplish these feature.

One can say that even though fitbit has been launched for window phone 8.1 version, it has lost many user from previous version of window phone users.  But the best part is that window phone 8.1 is gradually updated regularly on each and every user of the window phone across the globe.

This app will keep track on each and every activities of your daily routine to maintain you healthier and will make you feel alive if you work according to scheduled task which you would be setting in this app.

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