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Now Mobile users in US can unlock their phone legally

In US, most phones only work on specific networks. And one cannot use their phone on other networks which are not registered for that specific device. To use the same phone on other networks, the phone has to be unlocked to access networks other than for which it is registered. Unlocking phone without legal permission from the manufacturer was considered to be illegal act in US.

But now ordinary Americans will get more flexibility and choice as per the bill announced by Congress and soon it’s going to be signed by US President Obama as he agreed to sign the bill.

Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act

The bill is called as ‘Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act (S.517)‘. This bill directs the Library of Congress to allow consumers and third-parties to legally unlock the phone that were received through a carrier.

As this bill will be passed ordinary American will get more choice to buy phone which will fits to their need and their budgets too. They can buy any device as per their choice and can unlock phone legally to use it to access other telecommunication networks for their unlocked device.

But if this bill is passed then it can also have a greater impact in the market of competitor. Mobile user can also misuse this act by unlocking the mobile phones for purpose of bulk resale. Hence such action must be taken into consideration while passing this act, since, unlocking of phone must be taken into action by third parties on the direction of phone owner only.


Source: beta.congress.gov

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