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Deal with DealGuru and Earn from AskMeBazaar

What is DealGuru?

  • DealGuru is a novice site that been quite recently launched to offer some of the best deals to both the buyers and sellers. Online shopping is the growing business that has astounded millions and increased the sales of products. People are also wary about the fact of strolling around the market lanes to find their suitable products.
  • DealGuru is one of the illustrious and brilliant segments of AskMeBazaar that promises you to seal the best deals.

What is AskMeBazaar?


  • AskMeBazaar is a growing and leading online market place that works mutually with DealGuru. AskMeBazaar captures some of the samples of products from sellers which have still not been sold out. It displays these contents and photo-shoots on positive affirmation from sellers.
  • DealGuru sets up these deals and makes the products available at feasible and discounted prices. The attractively low prices of these fine and genuine products are a treat to your online shopping and help you fill your shopping bags in an incredible manner.

Collaboration between AskMeBazzar and DealGuru

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  • AskMeBazaar initializes the deals by capturing the content and pictures of excess inventory of sellers. The information and price details are then made available and the buyer has to fill in the necessary details for safe delivery of products at their doorstep.
  • DealGuru gets the ordered products delivered right at your doorstep within the stipulated time and do not compromise with their word. It collects the amount and pays the quoted amount to the sellers after deducting their negotiated commission and other charges.
  • DealGuru functions seamlessly to deliver the best to its buyers and also follows business ethics and norms with the sellers with whom it seals the deals.

Initiative for customer by DealGuru

  • DealGuru keeps an eye on the excess inventory and generally displays these items at extraordinary discounted prices. The products are catchy and genuine and hence captivate the eyes of every visitor on AskMeBazaar. The price is much lower than the market price and it is graced with discounts.


  • Once you select the item DealGuru follows a strict professional approach and keeps you updates about the delivery process.
  • DealGuru has won the trust of many venerated brands and hence displays more than 1000 items with a humongous collection in fashion products, electronics equipments and home appliances. Fashion accessories and footwear are also a part for the display.
  • It is not just for buyers but you can mark the inception of your market here. Pay a minimal amount which is quoted as the transaction charge and start your deals in DealGuru.

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I am Shivkumar Lohar from Mumbai.
I believe in learning,practicing and implementing, whatever I learn.
A Music lover and love to explore latest gadgets and softwares.


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  • Hi Shivkumar,

    Yes, I have heard about Dealguru, but not askmebazzar, though the collaboration of both would surely be a good thing for the buyers as they would have the best of both worlds. 🙂

    I have never purchased anything from them, nor from anywhere, except a few trusted International sites, again, something which people recommend, as otherwise you can never say about the authenticity of the product. I guess there is nothing to beat literally holding some thing in your hand and physically checking before buying, which you can’t do with online products.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…How Many Hours Should You Work Per WeekMy Profile

    • Hello Harleena Ma’m,

      Collaboration of Dealguru and askmebazzar will surely going to do great on the web for the buyers and sellers too.

      Yes you are right, we can’t check any product physically before buying it from online selling portals. As you have mentioned that you used to buy product from few trusted international sites or from where the people recommend, still having such precaution there are possibility to get a defected product which we need to exchange after checking it, isn’t it?

      We trust on international sites easily because they have been working to gain the trust of customers from the day one by their quality work. For any new selling site, one can’t trust very easily unless or until someone recommend to us about that sites. So, I think its a matter of chance for every selling sites to get a trust of their customer. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your views.
      Wish you too a very nice week ahead! 🙂

      >SK Lohar
      Shivkumar recently posted…Ask anything to Baap of all app – AskMeMy Profile

  • Whenever I visited askmebazaar.com, it irritates me because their website has lot of bugs. These bugs are of different type. Whenever I close popup, it appears again. This occur on their homepage. I tried to close popup too many times even refreshing their website. They have no login system so that the buyers can see the order status. Their customer care too bad. They did not answers queries related orders. Whenever I call them, they frequently faces server problem and asking me repeatedly to call after sometime. The worst website. They need a lot work to compete other shopping websites.

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