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4 Reason, Why my 4 blogs failed one after the other?

4 Reason, Why my 4 blogs failed one after the other

Many of you including me start a blog for their passion and as a hobby.  As the time passes by we start thinking to monetize our blog. As a penny income also motivate us to continue with the blog.

Here I will be discussing about,”How I started my first blog and inspite of working hard, why my first 4 blog failed one after the other?”

In 2011, I and one of my college friend were sitting and discussing about his friend’s blog. While discussing we went into deep discussion about his blogging journey and we ended up with a conclusion to start our own blog. He started his own blog at wordpress.com and me too. After few days, he came to meet me and said instead of running and managing two blog independently we should work together since our niches were same. And as I have “Yes” attitude towards my entire friend, I accepted his proposal (This was my #Mistake1).

#Mistake 1: Why am I calling this as a mistake? You will come to know very soon in this post, keep reading.

 But I was not aware about his tricky mind behind his proposal and this taught me a lesson for a life.

Note: I am not going to disclose anyone’s name here. Since, there was a time when we used to be good friends.

If I am not boring you with my personal experience and you really want to know-

  • What was the trick behind his proposal?
  • And which lesson did I get?

Then continue reading this else thank for reading it till this line patiently.

Before answering above questions I would like to share our journey till 2014. So, as I have accepted his proposal to work together, we started posting the article on our blog and promoting the post on social media sites with friends. And in six month we were successful to have an average visitors on our site and hence we had applied for google adsense and we got approval in 2-3 attempt, though till the end of 2013 we have not made a good amount with adsense. I remembered that day for renewal of our domain/hosting (Here we completed one year of blogging) for which we require $100. Since initially we have invested to start our blog on wordpress.org we have invested some money to buy domain and hosting. But today (day of renewal), since we didn’t have any penny of dollar to renew our blog we have decided to quit blogging due to financial problem. But thank God! On the same day we got an email regarding posting a text ads on homepage for which we were getting $100.

You can call this as luck.

Without thinking anything else, we were ready to post his ads on our homepage. And we got the payment; hence domain and hosting were renewed. After few days passed, we decided to do a guest post for which he had already confirmed with one of the blogger having blog with higher PR and Alexa rank than ours. So, he came to me and we started discussing about guest post, (again my “Yes” attitude) I said okay! Since you have already discussed about guest posting with one of the blogger and he is ready to post then write and give him an article for approval, so that he can post it. Now what he answered had really amazed me, he said, “If I’ll write and give him an article then definitely he won’t approve, because my writing skill is not good”.  For a second, I thought if he knows that his writing skill is not good then why he writes on our blog and why he started a blog where we need to write from a day one.

Then I recalled my starting days of blogging when he used to insist me to write all the pages like About us, Contact US, Write for Us, Privacy Policy etc. Then I got his trick, since, he don’t know to write a post properly he had come to me and gave me proposal to work together on blog. This is not end, still more to go keep reading.

As he told me to write a guest post and he promise me to provide an idea for topic about guest post, I accepted his proposal to write a guest post. (This was my #Mistake2).

#Mistake 2: Since, I as a friend believed on him without thinking anything.

I started doing guest post and in couple of week I have completed almost 6-7 guest post. And till now I didn’t get any help regarding the guest post article ideas from him (I hope you know, coming up with the post title name requires time and skill too… that to for guest posting). And when I used to approach him for the topic, he denies suggesting anything straightaway. Remember friends“We cannot clap with one hand”. Then I stopped doing guest post after that.

Till now we have started earning from our blog via different resources. And yes, on the day when we have got our $100 we have decide that we will be saving all our earning for our blog maintenance for atleast one year and we are not going to use a single penny for our personal use. All the earning which was coming from our blog was used to get deposited in my partner’s bank account. (This was my #Mistake3)

#Mistake 3: Again as a friend I didn’t take any objection regarding depositing all the earning in my partner’s account.

As you read above that he didn’t stand on his words. Which he has told me when he came to me with the proposal of guest posting. Why do I call my above decision as #Mistake 3?

Because again he didn’t stand on his promise about not spending our blog’s earning for personal use. Yeah! I can understand that he might get an urgent thing to do, for which he may have used that money. But I do also have equal shares in that earning. And what happened you know? When I asked him to give my share he refused me by saying that there is no money in the account. He denies giving my share. Though sometime when I get some shares from him, I don’t get much for which I expect. Without saying anything else let’s move on to next mistake.

In the mid of 2012, he approached me to start a new site where we will be posting theory and tutorials about programming language (Java) as we were interested in the programming language too. Firstly, I said, “No, we have one blog running. And we are doing well so let’s focus on one thing and we’ll think on this topic later on”. But he started convincing me by saying that he had a very good collection of programming tutorials and theory so he will contribute on blog regularly.  Again my “Yes!” attitude, I agreed with him and end up searching an attractive theme for Java tutorials which we were going to do on our sub-domain. (This was my #Mistake4)

#Mistake 4: Though till now I was aware that he doesn’t stand on his words, I again as a friend agreed with him to start a new blog on Java Tutorials.

And you know what! Again I wrote all the necessary pages for that blog and one welcome post, which we had used as sticky post for our homepage to greet and give a brief idea about motto of this blog for our new visitors. From the day one he again straightaway refused to write on this blog by giving the same reason of writing skill. Now I was managing two blog, one which we had started together and other one is Java Tutorials’ on which I was working alone, though I was not in favor to start this second blog.

After working for more than 4 months on this blog we again came to our second renewal date. At this time we were not facing any financial problem for our renewal. Here, instead of renewing the hosting he switched the hosting at different server and in meanwhile he took backup of our main blog but not the second one i.e (Sub domain) and we lost every single post from our sub domain, since, he didn’t took the backup. Why he didn’t take backup, God knows! Yet I didn’t get the proper answer from him.

Inspite of all these, I decided to give one more chance to him and hence we started with one more blog where we had decided to share all kinds of images, yes, pictorials blog. Again it was his ideas to start this pictorial blog, I thought atleast this time he will be regular to this new blog since we had a long discussion before starting this one. But again he did the same thing and we ended up with nothing. At the same time when we had started pictorial blog we had bought a domain on which we had decided to work after 3months because we had to go through the university exam and academic stuffs.

Till that time, since I had lost the complete trust on him, I was not willing to work anymore with him on this newly bought domain. Still for the sake of helping him (As a friend) I agreed to continue with him.

Now the experience which I am going to share with you, will make you think, how one can do this to anyone? I mean there is something called self respect and there is a value for the words which you have said.

I remembered the day when he started his new blog and thanks to god that this time he didn’t approach to me for his new blog. After working for few days, he texted me on facebook saying, “You manage both the blogs; I am not going to continue with these blogs”. I thought that till now he had never stands on his words so how I can expect from him that he will follow his words. So I waited for him for 2 days, but I saw that he is working on his own blog and he was not active on our current blogs. So I changed his role from Administrator to Contributor and as I was expecting, he came back to ask me that why I had changed his role on our blog.

Now, I want to ask you that If I was wrong doing that? I think I was right. wasn’t I?

But as the entire login details about cpanel of hosting was with him and was registered with his email ID. He changed my password from cpanel. And when I asked him for login details he stopped answering my calls and blocked me on facebook.

If I wish, I can go directly at his home but I don’t want his parents to interfere in our cases. But still he is not ready to accept his mistake and not ready to give my shares.

Now tell me friend, Should one stop helping their friends? What we can do for such people? Or else I was wrong in this entire issue?

Still there are lots to share about my blogging experience. And yes I know this post is going quite a long. I will end up saying that after doing several mistakes I decided to break the partnership with him, though; still he had not given my shares.

Here is my #Mistake1 which I have not mentioned above.

#Mistake 1: I have started a blog or a small business with a person without doing any paper work.

Till now I have exhausted and completely lost my faith in friends and decided to quit blogging.

But few months ago I met one blogger online and now we are friend, who encouraged me to start my own blog and do all the stuffs on my own. I am very much thankful to Atish Ranjan (Authors and one of the founder @techtricksworld.com) for encouraging me and making me to believe that I should not make a common statement for everyone, only because I have faced issue with one of my closed friend.

I’ll suggest you to :

#1. If you are doing any kind of work in partnership then please don’t make commitment just because you trust on him/her. Whatever may be the case, do the papers work first strictly!

#2. Try to have “Yes” attitude but don’t believe completely on the people. For being safer side think twice then act on it.

#3. You should take care of others feeling but if other partner is not co-operating with you then it’s a time to take a strong decision.

#4. Never try to use your friend, because friends are the most precious gift we get in our life.


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  • Thanks Shiv for sharing your personal story. I am glad that you didn’t share his name. We have no rights to ruin anyone’s image in public whether he did few bad things with us. Thats a good decision of yours!

    Don’t take these things on your heart just take them as lessons! You have referred those as mistake 1, mistake 2 and so on..

    You know what you have “Experience” Now because collection of “Mistakes” called “Experience”. Keep It up! I hope you can do wonders alone with this blog.

    You already did a great start with writing such a cool story! I loved it!
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…Chrome Extensions which I use EverydayMy Profile

    • Yes! Atish, you are right! We have no rights to ruin anyone’s image in public and that to of our friend.

      I will remember this lesson which I learnt from this experience.

      I am glad that you liked my story. Thanks for your nice words and encouragement too. 🙂
      Shivkumar recently posted…Welcome to my first article on STLMy Profile

  • Lots to take away from this post. Experience is what you have gained from so called MISTAKES…

    Still you are doing a great job and I can see stupidtechlife getting all the success in coming time..

  • Hello Suhel Sir,

    First of all a warm welcome on STL and I am extremely sorry for late update of your valuable comment; I didn’t notice your comment since it was in spam 🙁 .

    And Yes you are right that “Experience is what you have gained from so called MISTAKES”.
    Thanks for your encouraging word and I will do my best for STL success with our blogosphere’s friends support 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and sorry again for late reply.
    Shivkumar recently posted…Managing all email ID is now easier using myMail Android ApplicationMy Profile

  • Hello Shiv,

    This was truly a disappointing experience. Though your decision to let the person remain unnamed is commendable, I wish no one ever gets a friend like this. All your hard work went waste. You didn’t get the dues and the blogs are gone forever…it’s really sad.

    Next time you partner with anyone, get everything on paper.

    All the best!
    Chitraparna recently posted…Demystifying Cost of Article Writing: The Universal GuideMy Profile

    • Hi Chitraparna,

      You are welcome on STL.

      Though the experience was disappointing, I learnt many thing from this. And I always thanks him for allowing me to find some better friend than him.
      Since he was one of my good friends I won’t ever disclose his name publicly. And hardwork never goes waste, I have worked hard before so now I know how to approach for my new blog by making as less mistake as I can.

      And yes Next time if I go with partnership with anyone I will do all necessary stuffs.
      Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again on STL 🙂
      Shivkumar recently posted…Managing all email ID is now easier using myMail Android ApplicationMy Profile

  • Life comes with mistakes Shiv, it is our own mistakes which makes us perfect. No need to think about what had happened in the past. Just concentrate about what you are doing now, and try to give your best at that. You are a good writer, and I guess you will certainly build your own mark in the field of blogging. Since now you had a good experience, hope you won’t get such DHOKHA in future 🙂

    Best of Luck to you…

  • I never read lengthy articles..but really I could not stop myself to read this story its very emotional and heart touching with lots of lessons to learn

  • Truly disappointing story 🙁
    But I am glad to hear that you have learnt something from your previous mistakes.

  • Everyone learns by experience 🙂
    Still you are making mistake by using this sahifa theme. i was using it previously.

  • Hello Shiv,

    This is really a big lesson and it appears I’m facing the situation as well with my friends. I brought up the idea with us having to create a blog with our community name and interestingly, they were all enthusiastic about it but not a single one of them was willing to even commit a dollar.

    Your experience has really taught me a lesson and I guess I really need to work hard alone and show them how successful I can become as a solo blogger.

    • Hello Kabie,

      I am glad to know that my experience had taught you a lesson.

      You will come across many such people in your future. I would just suggest you to believe in yourself and work hard to achieve your goal.
      If you will find a good team then you will be lucky enough.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment. Have a great day! All the best!

      >SK Lohar

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