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Welcome to my first article on STL

STL wishes you a very Happy Holi.

Please play a safe and eco-friendly holi.

Holi is the festival of colors, happiness and true spirit. As Indian, we celebrate this day with full of enthusiasm and enjoyment. It has been said that on the day of holi, our enemies also becomes our friends.

STL, wishes you a very happiee holi!

On this colorful and most auspicious day, I am officially starting my blog. Since I believe that technology lies in stupidity, I chose my domain name as StupidTechLife.com. This is just a small initiative to share my view regarding the stupid ideas which have lead to tremendous innovative and revolutionary technologies.

There are many people around the world who had just became jokes for others laugh in their starting days of stupid ideas. But they do got respect and achieve an irreplaceable place in this world. So, I’ll just say,

Be stupid to innovate, develop and lets smart guys to play with it! 😉

On the first day of my first article on STL, I would like to express a deep gratitude to Atish Ranjan(one of the founder and author @techtricksworld.com) who has encouraged me to start my new blog STL,  when I was just about to quit my blogging journey. He is one of nice buddy with “Never saying NO” attitude when it comes to help others. He has made me to believe that “Show must go on”, no matter how much you struggle to achieve your goal in life.

To know more about STL you can check our about me page. And feel free to contact me in case if you have any query or suggestion for enhancement of this blog. I’ll be glad to hear from you via comment box or email.

You can follow STL’s at StupidTechLife-facebook  StupidTechLife-twitter  StupidTechLife-google-plus

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I am Shivkumar Lohar from Mumbai.
I believe in learning,practicing and implementing, whatever I learn.
A Music lover and love to explore latest gadgets and softwares.


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