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What is USB debugging Mode? How to enable it in Android Smartphone?

If you are android user you must have definitely come across these words i.e. ‘USB debugging Mode’ many times. Every time when you connect your  Smartphone with your PC, you will get a prompt notification to enable USB Debugging Mode.


Before getting into the steps to enable the debugging Mode let’s check what is USB debugging Mode? And why do we need it?

What is USB Debugging Mode?

In simple words USB Debugging Mode provide a direct connection between an Android device and a computer with Android SDK (Software Development Kit) via USB cable. If you want to interact with your Smartphone at deeper level i.e at developer level, may be to test your Android App which has been developed by you or want to transfer any data from PC/laptop to your device then USB Debugging Mode is a must.

Why do we need USB debugging Mode?

Till now you must have got an idea that we don’t use USB debugging mode frequently. By the name itself one can predict that this option is made for tech guys or programmer since it has debugging option. Yes you are right! Firstly this mode was made available for programmers who can develop their apps on SDK and transfer it into their Smartphone to test those apps via USB. You may have heard about rooting the device, which can be done using One-Click Root app but before this app can dig into your system and deliver the exploit that root your device, your device need to be in USB debugging Mode enabled.

But it doesn’t mean that non-technical guys can’t make use of this option. There are several options available which can be use by non-expert users. Like, you can transfer the important data from your computer to your Smartphone or vice-versa. Some of the app wants you to enable the USB debugging mode to run properly on your device; in this case you can enable this option. Don’t worry if the app needs USB debugging mode it will prompt us to ask to enable this option.

Since USB debugging mode provides us with so many important facilities, you should enable this option only whenever you need it and disable it as soon as purpose of enabling USB mode is over.

How to enable USB debugging Mode in Android Device?

Prerequisite : Make sure Developer mode is enable on your device.

#1. Go to Setting option which can be found in the main menu.

#2.Scroll down or check the taps to find Developer options. Once you get this option just click on it and move to next step.


 #3. If your developer mode is not active slide the button present at right corner to activate it.

 activate-developer-option#4. Here in Developer Options window you can see ‘USB debugging’ option with checkbox on right side. If not then scroll down to find; you will find it there.

#5. Now checked the checkbox to enable this option and you are done.

 enable-usb-debugging-mode#6. Yeah! Now you are in USB debugging Mode. Enjoy taking advantage of this option by making best use of it.

Note: Please don’t forget to disable this option manually by following the same steps as above.

Let me know via comment box if you have any problem in enabling USB debugging mode. I will try my best to answer your query.

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