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Does your Android Smartphone says, “You are now a developer?”

As Google is known for making more-user friendly device, after every update by Google Android engineer, everyone is enthusiast to know the latest update made by the Android Developer. Atleast once, everyone check their mobile to update the latest version, in case, if available for their Smartphone.

After Android 4.2 one of the best thing Android developers had done is; they had hidden the developer optionsfrom the setting option so that non-tech guys don’t break their head in this option of which they have no ideas.

What if a person wants to access the developer options in his/her Smartphone? Even if you try to check each and every option in the setting menu you won’t get the developer options since it is hidden. To access the developer options there is a smart and tricky way to enable the developer options in your Smartphone.

Check this below simple steps to enable the developer option in your smart phone.


How to enable developer mode in your smart phone?

#1. Go to Setting option which can be found in the main menu.

#2. Scroll down or check the taps to find About Phone option. Once you get this option just click on it and move to next step.

#3. Here in About Phone window you can see a ‘Build Number’ option. If not then scroll down to find; you will find it there.

#4. Now click on this Build Number for atleast 7 times continuously. In the mean time while you are clicking on this option, a toast message appears that display ‘You are now 4 steps away from being a developer’ then on next click it shows that ‘You are now 1 steps away from being a developer’ and so on.

 you are now 4 step away from being a developer

 #5. Finally it shows message that ‘You are now a developer’.

#6. Now go back to setting menu and scroll down to find developer Options.


 #7. Yeah! You have enabled the developer Option. Enjoy taking advantage of this option by making best use of it.

As the name of this hidden option contains ‘developer’, everyone will guess that this option is only for the people who are application developer and since they don’t want to face any issue in their mobile they won’t even dare to dig in this option. But this is not true, you can also use this option even if you are non-tech guys. There is an option call USB debugging mode which you can use even if you are not a developer.

What is USB debugging mode and its application?

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