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Transfer files at highest speed using Wifi File transfer

There are many android applications which help to transfer file from one android device to another device. They also provides quite good speed for file transfer among android device. Check this android application ‘Superbeam’ which helps to transfer files at high speed among android device. But what about transferring files from android device to personal computer and from personal computer to android device?

If you want to transfer file from PC, laptop to android device then you would prefer to use USB cable or card reader, right? Though you can use card reader or USB cable, it does not provide efficient speed while transferring files.

Today I am going to introduce an android application called ‘Wifi File transfer’ which overcomes this problem of transferring file at slow speed.

As the name itself, says that this application helps us to transfer file using wifi. This application will help you to transfer file at highest speed without using any USB cable and card reader.


Your mobile should be connected to wifi.

Step to transfer file at highest speed:

  1. Download ‘Wifi File Transfer’ from below link and install it on your android device. This app has been removed from play store but you can download similar functioning app using this link: Download Wifi File Transfer
  2. Once you install and open this application, you will be migrated to screen as shown below. Click on start to proceed.transfer-file-at-highest-speed-start-transfer
  3. It generates an IP address which will be accessible over the current wifi.transfer-file-at-highest-speed-ip-address-for-wifi
  4. Using this IP address you can access all your data using your browser within no time as shown below. Here in below image you will get upload option from your PC to your device. You can also ‘Download, Delete, Move’ file in your smartphone using browser. You can also create a ‘Zip file’ and can make a ‘New directory’ in your smartphone using web browser.transfer-file-at-highest-speed-download-upload-option-in-wifi-transfer
  5. Just select that button to upload whatever file you want. And then you will notice that your file get transfer with unbelievable speed.transfer-file-at-highest-speed-transfer-file-more-than-1-MB
  6. Once your file transfer is complete and you are no longer using this application then you can click on ‘Stop’ button as shown in step3 to stop the accessibility to your smartphone.

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Features of Wifi File Transfer:

With above functionality Wifi File Transfer comes with following features:-transfer-file-at-highest-speed-advance-feature-in-wifi-transfer-pro

  1. Access Password: Since your file is transfer on wifi, sometime you may hesitate to connect to unknown wifi. If you are worried about your data on unknown wifi network then you can use this option to set password for web interface. So that you have to enter password each time when you want to access your device file using IP address provided by Wifi file transfer.
  2. Redirect: This feature will help you to setup the default folder which will be open when you enter the IP address generated by Wifi file transfer, in your browser.
  3. Home Network: This feature will help you to connect to trusted wifi and start this application automatically.

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