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How technology can act as supplementary in JEE Main Exam Preparation

Nothing can replace traditional way of learning and teaching. But it is always good to add supplementary to our learning.

Technology is on the pace to help in each and every sector of society and education is one of them. As a student you always have to be ready for a competitive exam to keep chasing your dream. Because competition is not between you and your friends or anyone else who is studying hard in other corner of the earth to get admission in reputed college to fulfill his/her dream, competition is between you and you who was doing same thing yesterday (Yes! Competition is always with self!).

If your present is not better than your past than you are not living!

So always compete with yourself. Make better efforts than yesterday and try to be more efficient in learning subjects using the available technology.

Student preparing for JEE Exam faces a lots of problem from the first day. And if small concepts are not cleared then they will have to struggle till end of the exam. So make use of technology and clear the entire concept as far as possible.


Technology can act as supplementary in JEE MAIN EXAM Preparation by just simple steps:

  1. While you are in your college/coaching lecture and you are carrying your Smartphone, make use of it. Record audio of lecture and go through it whenever you feel like revising any critical/important concept.
  2. While you are learning at your home, you can record your own voice and keep listening when you are travelling in bus/car/auto instead of listening music which divert your thought from study. Since everything gets fit in mind and last for long if we keep on listening, reading and watching, hence, recorded audio will help you to remember for long time if you keep on listening and revising.
  3. Don’t waste your time in copying notes from other for yourself, use your mobile and get an image of that notes and keep referring when you are sitting idle or whenever you want to revise. It will help you to save time and carrying books.
  4. There are forum by good faculties, sites and app for solving MCQ type question related to JEE MAIN exam. Keep following it whenever you want to practice and join forum for clearing your doubt and helping other too.
  5. Most important thing is always be updated with exam dates and procedure of your most awaited JEE MAIN EXAM and accelerate your speed of preparation accordingly.


Whether it is engineers or doctors, everyone needs a rigorous preparation to get their dream college. Never lose hope if you don’t make it for your dream college. Remember everything happens for a reason and there is always second chance to follow your dreams.

Keep Learning! Keep Chasing your dream!



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