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Reduce mobile data usage by disabling auto play FACEBOOK video

Facebook one of the fastest growing and evolving social network, has started enhancing user experience with pleasing GUI, navigation and many more. It has incorporated many new features on the webpage as well as for mobile users.

One of the coolest feature is auto play of videos posted on facebook including videos shared by friends or sponsored videos for promotion. Though it is a good feature and you enjoy this feature that to, at a cost of your data usage.  If you are using WIFI while accessing facebook then you won’t even care about data usage since you would have opted for maximum internet plan for your WIFI. But when you are on your mobile device and using mobile data network?

In above scenario you would be counting each and every KBs, MBs getting wiped up since, playing video on 3G or 4G network will eat all your data balance within no time and you will left with no data balance. To avoid your data balance deduction you can follow a simple steps to stop the autoplay of video posted on facebook.

Steps to stop auto play facebook video in Android devices and Browser App:

Stop Autoplay facebook video in Android Phone:

  1. Navigation to more menu screen to get App Setting as shown in below screenshot.


  1. After selecting App Settings option in facebook android application you will be navigated to next page where you can manage different settings like Notifications, Sound in the App, Continuous Contact upload, Link open externally, Upload HD Photos, Autoplay, etc. which are also shown in below screenshot.stop-autoplay-facebook-video-android-app-autoplay-option
  2. From above option you will have to select Autoplay option where you get next option to choose like video play on Mobile data, wifi or never auto play. You can select option according to your data saving plan.stop-autoplay-facebook-video-android-app-play-on-wifi-never-play

Stop Autoplay facebook video in webpage facebook application:

  1. Login to facebook and navigate to video tab in setting option. Navigated video tab (Menu> Settings> Video) will show you option related to video control like Video Default Quality, Auto play video as shown below.stop-autoplay-facebook-video-web-application-video-tab
  2. To stop your auto play video in web based facebook application you can select ‘Off’ option from drop down menu and you are done.stop-autoplay-facebook-video-web-appilcation-turn-off

Above steps won’t take more than 2 mins so just go ahead and stop the autoplay to save your mobile data usage. If you found this post useful then do share this with your friends and your experience in below comment. You can also share any trick regarding anything, whatever you know. I will be thankful to read your valuable suggestion and advice.

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