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How to Recover Data Using MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

Data is one of the most important things of which you have to take care. Almost everything may be office files, important sheet, documents, images, recorded videos and audios etc plays an important role in your privacy and security. And if this data get lost then you have to face unexpected situation which becomes hard to control or to face it.

You may intentionally or unintentionally delete all the files and want to recover them back which results you hunting for some free software or tools to recover your data, because if you hire any person to recover your data then he/she will charge you for that recovery. So you may think to recover your data by your own.

Minitool power data recovery allows you to recover you data which you may have deleted intentionally or unintentionally.

Recover data using MiniTool Power Data Recovery:


#1. Undelete Files Recovery

Many time intentionally or unintentionally you may have deleted files, images, folders, etc from your hard disk and after deleting from hard disk you have also emptied recycle bin or you have perform the ‘shift+Delete’ operation on the files, images, videos, folders, etc. And after sometime or after some days you may realize that those deleted files were dam important for you. This is the case where this Minitool will help you to recover your deleted files, folders, video etc. You can also recover files and folders on which you may have performed ‘shift+Delete’ operation using ‘Undelete Files Recovery’ module of the MiniTool Power Data Recovery.


#2. Damaged partition recovery

In case if you have formatted your drive or reformatted the same drive still you want to recover your data, at this moment too you can recover your data using this MiniTool Power Data Recovery as long as that drive exist. Suppose for unknown reason you can’t access that drive from your system but the partition exist in your system and you want to recover some files from that partition then also you can recover all your data using ‘Damaged Partition Recovery’ of ‘MiniTool Data Recovery’.

If for unknown reason ‘Undelete Files Recovery’ is not working, you can recover your data using this Module. This module also support recovering data for Memory card, Flash drive, memory stick.


#3. Lost partition Recovery

In #2 point I have mentioned that you can recover the damaged partition which may have been reformatted or inaccessible due to unknown reason. Now supposed you have faced system crash or you have deleted the partition or overwritten the partition with back up files and you want to recover your previous drive/partition. ‘Lost Partition Recovery’ module of ‘MiniTool Power Data Recovery’ is facilitated with this functionality, which will help you to recover that partition which doesn’t exist on your system.


#4. Digital Media Recovery

Apart from all other modules this module only deal with specific file format to recover and i.e. images, audio and video from the damaged partition, deleted files, etc.


#5. CD/DVD Recovery

This is the easiest and handier module in MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If you have damaged CD/DVD, scratched CD/DVD you can use this tool to recover your data from any types of CD/DVD. It supports all types of CD/DVD types i.e. CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM


MiniTool Power Data Recovery is available in free Edition using which you can recover you data upto 1GB. If you want to recover unlimited data then you have to upgrade your Free Edition MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Download Free Edition :  Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery

If you have tried any other tool which you may have found better than this, feel free to share with us via comment box.

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