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How to Uncover short link URL safety before you click using URL Uncover?

How to Uncover short link URL safety before you click using URL Uncover.

Everyone and may be even you prefer to convert long and tedious URL into short URL to share it with your friends on social media, twitter, Facebook, etc. This is mostly prefers because long URL are difficult to remember. If you have created a URL and you can’t remember the URL or not even you can recall because of its ... Read More »

How to install and customize WordPress offline on localhost?


If you are on the way to start a new blog and you bought the domain and hosting; you are now just left with WordPress installation and setup. I would recommend you to install and customize wordpress offline on your PC before making your site live. Now the first question would be arising in your mind that why should you ... Read More »

Download any format of video using YouTube Downloader in Android Smartphone


Video are the best way to express or explain anything to anyone. You must have noticed about yourself that you remember the scene of movie or any video snapshot for longer time if you have seen it on screen. This is the main reason that everyone and even you prefer to watch videos as compare to plain text information for ... Read More »

Does your Android Smartphone says, “You are now a developer?”

you are now a developer on your smartphone

As Google is known for making more-user friendly device, after every update by Google Android engineer, everyone is enthusiast to know the latest update made by the Android Developer. Atleast once, everyone check their mobile to update the latest version, in case, if available for their Smartphone. After Android 4.2 one of the best thing Android developers had done is; ... Read More »

What is USB debugging Mode? How to enable it in Android Smartphone?


If you are android user you must have definitely come across these words i.e. ‘USB debugging Mode’ many times. Every time when you connect your  Smartphone with your PC, you will get a prompt notification to enable USB Debugging Mode. Before getting into the steps to enable the debugging Mode let’s check what is USB debugging Mode? And why do we ... Read More »

Managing all email ID is now easier using myMail Android Application


myMail is one of the android application to manage all email IDs in single bucket. But why ‘myMail’ when we have inbuilt gmail apps in our smartphone? I will answer this question shortly; first tell me who are you? A student, professor, manager, blogger or employee in reputed firm? Whoever you may be! I can guarantee that you would be ... Read More »

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