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Managing all email ID is now easier using myMail Android Application

myMail is one of the android application to manage all email IDs in single bucket.

But why ‘myMail’ when we have inbuilt gmail apps in our smartphone? I will answer this question shortly; first tell me who are you? A student, professor, manager, blogger or employee in reputed firm?

Whoever you may be! I can guarantee that you would be having more than one email IDs. One for personal use, one for business purpose, and some people are smart enough to have a separate email ID for subscription, for registering on various websites to avoid spam, unwanted emails in their personal mailbox.

And If you are blogger then I won’t dare to ask the total number of email IDs. 🙂

Your email ID can be at different server like gmail.com, hotmail.com, rediffmail.com, yahoo.com, etc… And yeah! You can also get separate apps to manage this email ID individually.

Let’s have a look over some disadvantages of using separate apps to manage different email ID accounts.

#1. You need to install separate apps for every single email ID which belongs to different mail servers i.e. gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook etc

#2. Installing separate ‘email accessing’ apps leads to occupy more internal memory spaces.

#3. Installed apps lead to more battery consumption.

#4. Many times killing the apps instance, when we face lags in our smart phone; results in sign out of email service and we have to sign in again in each and every app of email.

So, by going through all these disadvantages don’t you think that you must get a single app which could manage all yours email ID simultaneously at one place.

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Feature of myMail:

#1. Push Notification for all your account,

This feature is available to get instant notification about the newly arrived email in your inbox. You can enable this functionality with a single button even if your email service doesn’t provide these ‘Push Notificaton’ service.


Push Notification

#2. Make it personal. Make it visual

myMail apps uses avatars and icon from your contact list to differentiate between email coming from friends, business client or email subscriptions. This feature will help you to keep track on important mail even without having a closer look into the mail.


Make it personal. Make it visual

#3. Swipe for More

A very simple interface is provided to mark email as unread/read, flag, move to other folder, delete or mark as spam. To access this option you just need to swipe left over the email.

Swipe for More


#4. Your contact at hand

When you compose or forward emails, myMail will instantly search and suggest contacts from your phone and all your accounts’ address books. So there is no need to remember the email ID of a person whom you want to send email.

Swipe for More

#5. Search and find really fast

Suppose you want to check one of the very important email which you have received before a couple of months or years and you didn’t remember the exact wording of the email. Here myMail starts predicting your words and search the same into mail box to find the related email as soon as you start writing the required words in search box.

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#6. Send Multiple Pictures

Similar to file attachment you can also insert pictures in your email. You can choose more than one images at a time. So, share your entire party clicked with all your friends.

So, ready to try this myMail App? Download it from google-play-store-logo-on-Stupid-tech-life

Give a try to this app and share your experience through comment box. You can also share this with your friends using below sharing option.

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I am Shivkumar Lohar from Mumbai.
I believe in learning,practicing and implementing, whatever I learn.
A Music lover and love to explore latest gadgets and softwares.


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  • I agree, many of us don’t like to install more apps on their device since it seems to give slow performance.
    If I am not wrong, you would be having more than one gmail account which can be easily managed by this app though you have inbuilt gmail app to access your email.

    Still as you have mention that you will check this out, I will love to read your personal experience regarding this app.

    Thanks for stopping by Atish bhai.
    Shivkumar recently posted…Managing all email ID is now easier using myMail Android ApplicationMy Profile

    • Hello Partheepan,
      First of all you are welcome on STL.
      I can understand getting Spam mail in the account daily is really a headache.
      In gmail you have two option to get rid of spam email.

      #1. If you are getting unwanted email from same email ID frequently then just open that mail and go for ‘filter this email’ option available in ‘more action’in gmail.

      #2. You can manually create filters in gmail and add all those long tail or short tail keywords which will help gmail to recognize those email as spam which contain those keywords which you will specify while creating filter. And all those mail will directly go to the folder specified by you or in spam folder.

      This will help you to get all the spam email in other folder apart from inbox, so that you can delete all at one click.
      Hope this helps you. Please do let me know if you have any more queries?
      And thanks for stopping by and asking for help.

  • Hi Shivkumar,

    Sorry for the late response…my blog was going through changes and I just found your comment. I’m catching up. So happy I am because this app is amazing!

    I don’t usually work from my IPhone, but as business jumps higher, it has been one thing on my mind to do. I’m bookmarking this page for future reference. Just in case I want to do this. It will come in handy when I get all the other parts of my business in order.

    Thanks so much,

    donna merrill recently posted…Why Updating Your Blog Is ImportantMy Profile

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