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How to install offline Bluestack on window 7?

If you are android programmer and you are developing android application then you would need an emulator or an android device to test your android application. As a developer, you must be aware about the Bluestack which is an emulator to be installed on PC. This emulator helps to run and test android application same as it can be done on any Smartphone device.

Now if you have downloaded Bluestack from its official site, you will get a setup called Bluestack_Spliter and if you don’t have enough RAM and graphic card it will show you an error to update your graphic card and RAM too.

Now you have two options for Bluestack download for Windows 7 and installed Bluestack on your PC. First is go and update your RAM and Graphic card to installed the Bluestack which you have downloaded from its official sites. Second option is to use offline Bluestack installer.

Comparison between Bluestack-Spliter and Offline-Bluestack:

Bluestack-Spliter Offline-Bluestack
Size of Bluestack Spliter is around 9MB  Size of offline Bluestack is 194MB
 It connect to internet to download files during installing  It don’t connect to internet to download files while installing
 It need 4GB RAM and 2GB Graphic card for uninterrupted installation  It can be installed with 2GB of RAM and 1GB of graphic card
 Bluestack spliter required internet for every installation hence required good internet connection with good speed  Offline Bluestack don’t required internet for every installation and don’t required good internet connection with good speed.
 Rest all the features among both the bluestacks are exactly same without any compromise on its service and features.

Now you are aware about the difference between official bluestack and offline bluestack, I am sure you will opt for offline bluestack installer.

How to installed offline Bluestack on PC?


#1. Download Offline bluestack.

Offline Bluestack

#2. Once the download is complete, open you download folder and double click on it to start the installation. Remember since it is an offline bluestack, size of file is large so it will take time to download entire setup.

#3. Now start with your bluestack to run and test your android application.

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  1. Nice Share SK!

    I downloaded Bluestack a while back and it almost used 300MB of data. Was never aware about offline installer. Bluestack is good but it makes whole system slow. Hope you will come-up with some alternative free software.

    BTW, it is not just meant for android developer, it can be used by normal users to run all android applications on PC.

    1. Author

      Hi Worli,

      You are right, bluestack makes system to perform slow. This is because it require more primary memory to run the application but since we are running bluestack on low configuration, we have to face this issue.

      If I say about alternative suggestion then for time being I can give you temporary solution like increase you virtual memory to support primary memory to run heavy application like bluestack. Check this post, which shows how you can increase your virtual memory to increase your system performance.

      Thank for appreciating my share, stay tune to get more such updates.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

      >SK Lohar
      Shivkumar recently posted…Use Virtual memory to Speed up your Computer PerformanceMy Profile

  2. Exactly! Bluestack + Firefox + Media Player, too much of load for PC. Gone through your article and made necessary changes, thank you for your tips and suggestion.

    Have a great day ahead 🙂

  3. Heyyyy plzzzz help admin the above download link is not working it is saying that access is denied can’t understand…… plz notify me with a solution plzzzzzzz

  4. hiiiiiiii does this offline bluestake requires internet to run the android apps… pls tell me is it neccesary when we run the apps throw bluestack we should connected to the internet

  5. hi i have installed bluestacks earlier too.actually my dad sometimes uninstall it. its the 7 th time i am downloading but it is makes sysytem slow .huh.. i download it for games as it is very goo for coc. bluestacks was aone of the best things i like for gaming world. i have a solution for u guys . see after downloading it copy its all files setup ,etc to ur usb and thenwhenever u want to use ur laptop to work uninstall it .after a later u can install it again from ur usb .it will save ur data and it help me to keep dad happy.


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