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How to edit host or Read-only file in window 7?

Some files are very important and should not be edited, so that everything works normally in the system or no one can edit for the sake of security. Such files are saved with ‘Read-only’ property.

One more instance you may come across is that you want to edit host file which is located in your system at ‘C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\’ which also has ‘Read-only’  property.

But if you have ready only file and you want to edit that file intentionally then in such case you cannot edit that file in normal way. It will show some error as shown below.edit-ready-only-file-Error-Msg-on-Save

Here I have a trick which will help you to edit ‘Read-only’ file.

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How to edit host or Read-only file in window 7:

  1. Go to the Directory where the file resides which you want to edit but you are unable to edit since you don’t have sufficient permission to edit that file.
  2. Once you are in the required folder. Right click on the folder which you want to edit followed by Properties i.e. Right click >> Properties.edit-ready-only-file-go-to-properties-of-file-which-you-want-to-edit
  3.  Once the property window is open for that file navigate to security tab. Select ‘user name’ from ‘Group and User name’ followed by ‘Edit’ button.select-user-name-and-click-on-edit-permission-to-grant-full-control
  4. After clicking on ‘Edit’ button in previous step, result in ‘permission window’ for that file where again you have to select the user name. After selecting the user name click the check box to give permission to edit the file as shown below:edit-ready-only-file-grant-privilege-to-user
  5. Now you can edit the same file to make changes as per your requirement.

Now the file which was showing error while editing the files can be edited as per the need to make the effect.

  1. Another alternative is that you can follow step from 1 to 3 and at step 3 select user name as ‘Administrator’ and check whether ‘Administrator’ have full privileges as shown below.edit-ready-only-file-select-administrator-name-to-grant-full-control
  2. Check ‘General’ tab of above window and make sure that check box is uncheck for ‘Read only’.edit-ready-only-file-change-ready-only-property
  1. Now search ‘Notepad’ from start window followed by right click >>Run as Administrator.edit-ready-only-file-run-as-administrator
  2. Now in notepad go to File>>Open>>(Search your required files that you want to edit).
  3. Do the necessary changes and save it.

Your file which was showing error while saving it, is now saved. 🙂

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P.S. This trick is useful if you want to edit some file to fulfill your requirement without harming other or the creator of file. Remember even your files can be edited by using the same trick. So, be careful! 😉

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