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Earn free recharge for Smartphone using LINE app

Line is another instant messaging application which allows you to send instant message to your friends and relative etc. If you consider app store for android, iPhone etc then you will notice that there are many application which has been built and still, there are many application which is getting added to the app store day by day.

Line is not anything different from other messaging application; it provides you the same basic features of sending messages to your colleagues. But it gives something different and unique from other messaging application and that is nothing but free recharge for your Smartphone on different occasion.

To earn free recharge for Smartphone using LINE application is very simple as follow:

#1. Download:

Line for Android Line for Iphone

#2. Register you number:

After downloading LINE, install it on your Smartphone and register your number with Line Team of India.


#3. Send message & sticker:

Now as Line is installed on your application, you are ready to send unlimited message to your friends and relative.

This is a time where you are also ready to earn free recharge for your Smartphone.

How to earn free recharge using LINE?

Once you have installed and registered your number on LINE application using your device, you are now eligible to start earning free recharge.

Once you start sending the stickers available on line to your friends you will receive your first free recharge just after 5 days (condition apply).
Condition: You have send sticker to any of your friend daily atleast for 5 days to earn your first recharge of Rs. 10

Once you are done with your first recharge of Rs.10, you will get you next recharge of Rs.30 after next 5 days and so on.

Recharge day and amount:

From To Recharge Amount
1st day 5th day Rs. 10
6th day 10th day Rs.30
11th day 15th day Rs. 30
16th day 20th day Rs.30
21st day 25th day Rs.30

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Once you are done with all these recharge you will have to wait for next occasion when LINE team will decide to give you free recharge for your registered number. LINE team is providing Rs. 130/- FREE TALKTIME to every user in 25 days.

So download LINE application and earn this amount just for free.

How to keep Track on number of days on LINE?

Once you start sending the message you may think to check the number of days left for next recharge. Don’t worry it’s very easy and user friendly to check the number of days left for the recharge.

Just click on image which you can see on Friends tab of your LINE application, which will show all the detail about recharge amount, number of days left and number of days used etc.

Checking number of days left:

#1. Click on ‘Friends’ tab

earn-free-recharge-using-line-application-check-friendslist-using-line#2. Click on image icon as shown below, which you will find on you screen.

earn-free-recharge-using-line-application-check-the-number-of-days-left-for-next-recharge#3. Scroll and check the details.


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