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How to convert your weakness into strength while GATE Exam preparation

If you search for, “How should I prepare for GATE Exam?”

You will get many suggestions like,

Start early

Study for 8-10hours daily

Make Notes and attend coaching center

Keep away all the distraction like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube etc.

Take Test Series of reputed institute. Etc etc. 

Does taking all this burden will really help you to get into top colleges like IIT, NIIT? If your answer is yes then I would say that almost all the candidate appearing for GATE Exam will be in top colleges of India because everyone goes through this situation and try to cop up with this burden of preparation.

Then what is the key point in preparation strategy of highly competitive GATE Exam. If you can convert your weakness into strength and keep on working on your weakness then I would say you nailed it in GATE Exam preparation.

Now the key point is how do you identify your weakness that can be converted into strength?

People suggest that keep away your phone, laptop etc from you while you are studying. And this becomes your main weakness as part of your mind is always towards your Smartphone since you don’t imagine your life without your phone. Then why not convert this weakness into strength? Want to know how? Keep reading 🙂

There are online forum started by best class faculties around the world and apps created under the guidance of such experience faculties to help candidates appearing for competitive exam. Join those forums and discuss your doubt and raise question to get prompt help with detail explanation of each and every concept on any topics related to GATE exam and related subject. Download and install app which help in preparing for competitive exam by solving MCQ question.

You may ask me, how this will help, since we are still studying all the time which was suggested by other people as mentioned above?


There is no alternative for hard work. But consistent hard work done SMARTLY is what makes the difference.

By this activity you are saving your time instead of attending coaching lecture as you are getting same thing under your finger tips. You can prepare wherever you want since GATE related video uploaded by highly experience faculty on sites like NPTEL, which worth more than any institute lecture that are conducted among group of candidate.Exam-preparation-using-technologyGet connected with like minded people appearing for same GATE Exam and created group of them so that you can discuss your doubt and solve previous year question paper altogether. Please note this strategy is really very helpful, since it provides you motivation and encouragement to solve question, when you see other people solving same question more efficiently than you. You learn from such person and enhance your ability to solve question.

So Technology which distract you more and one of the biggest weakness of every student will be your strength if you use them properly. This will surely help you to compete with other lacs of candidate appearing for same Exam. You can also use this technology in more efficient way, just check this how Technology can act as supplementary in competitive exam like GATE.

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