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How to access Gmail.com account using Microsoft outlook.com account

Inspite of new user interface of Gmail account, the user interface of the outlook.com is incredibly different and more attractive. It has been proved that good and attractive user interface increases the users working efficiency. Though outlook.com provide good and attractive user interface, one cannot suddenly switch over outlook.com from Gmail or other email account. Though you can create another account but sometime it’s become difficult to manage multiple emails ID.

If you are Gmail user and want to use outlook.com and don’t want to manage two emails ID then continue reading because you can do this. 🙂

Gmail provide a feature called Forwarding email, which will helps you to access all the emails of your Gmail account from outlook account. Even you can perform all the operation on that mail directly using outlook interface. Just follow the below simple steps to access your gmail.com account using Microsoft outlook.com account.

Access your gmail.com account using Microsoft outlook.com account.

#1. Open outlook.com and sign up to create an account which you will be using to access your Gmail account.


#2. Open your Gmail account and go to setting >> forward and POP/IMAP page using the gear button present on right side of your screen or use this link>> https://mail.google.com/mail/#settings/fwdandpop to open the same.


#3. Now click on ‘Add a forwarding address’ button and enter your existing outlook email ID or enter the email ID which you have created in step #1. Enter you email ID and press ‘OK’ to get confirmation email in your outlook account.


#4. Open your outlook.com account where you will get a confirmation email. Open that mail and click on the given link to proceed with confirmation.




#5. Once your outlook.com account is confirmed with Gmail account, your outlook email will be added to the forwarding list of the Gmail account.  Using this list you can manage the forwarding option, like, in case if you don’t want to forward you Gmail mail to outlook mail then you can disable the forwarding. And one more facility is provided with forwarding option in which you can retain your Gmail mails in Gmail account even if you have deleted the mail from outlook account.


Select the second radio button and save the changes to continue receiving your Gmail mail directly into your outlook inbox. 🙂

I guess, next question must be arising in your mind is, “Can you send email from outlook account using Gmail ID instead of outlook ID?” Right?

Yes! Even you can do this.

Open your outlook account and navigate to gear symbol >> option >> “You email accounts” under ‘Managing your account’ section. On next page you have multiple options as shown below.


Click on “Add a send-and-receive account” button under ‘Add an email account’ section.


Once you enter the email ID and password click next to allow access to your Gmail account. That it!

Now not only you can access you Gmail mail using outlook account but you can even send email using Gmail account without logging in Gmail account.

I’ll be glad to hear your experience of using outlook interface via below comment box.

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