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A Hot Movie Season Gift From Multimedia Giant WonderFox: DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway [Offer closed]

Review come giveaway on STL:

Till now you have been reading a review of different software tools, android application etc on stupidtechlife. This is the first software tool’s review which will gift you with DVD Ripper which worth of $39.95 just for free. So read on and participate to win this DVD Ripper.

June is always a hot and warm season, and it’s always a time when we can enjoy amazing perks from big manufacturers, either freebies or huge discount choices. So there is no doubt that we will spare no effort to seek great gifts for our dear StupidTechLife readers. Luckily, Big Giant WonderFox has united us to make a splendid giveaway campaign for StupidTechLife readers this June. A worthy of $39.95 DVD Ripper Pro is live free now, and it will be free until June 21st, 2015. So why don’t we share this piece of wonderful news with our nice readers, expressing our sincere thanks to your long time support? This time, anyone who enter our site, can enjoy the great present, the benefit target audience is everybody.

Due to the big movie DVD theme, Multimedia Giant WonderFox decides to give their powerful DVD Ripper Pro free to the masses. With the help of this powerful tool, you can easily rip any brand new DVDs from now on, such as, Kingsman: the secret service, Chappie, Fifty Shade of Grey, Serena, Selma, Jupiter Ascending, Blackhat. Quite exciting, right? Below, we will just make sure that you never want to miss the campaign.

You can grap this DVD Ripper Pro from the official promotion page.

What can WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro do?DVD-Ripper-Pro-wonderfox-Giveaway-on-stupidtechlife-com

 Well, carrying a large format & device library, embedding the best ripping solutions, and with a superior performance of an extreme fast ripping speed, there is no doubt that it’s the best DVD ripper software on earth. Anyway, we’ll simply bring you to take a glance at its main functions point by point:

  • It allows users to rip DVD to Almost any pop Videos and Audios files, 200 + video formats and devices are supported, that means nearly all formats are within its working area.DVD-Ripper-Pro-wonderfox-Giveaway-support-all-format-type
  • It allows users to rip ISO to mobile device, approximately all newly and trendy devices fall into its capability.DVD-Ripper-Pro-wonderfox-Giveaway-portable-to-smartphone
  • It works at an Extreme Fast DVD back up speed, hence there is no need of long time waiting.DVD-Ripper-Pro-wonderfox-Giveaway-fast-DVD-backup
  • Decrypt CSS and Region Code Protections, this allows you to rip at will.DVD-Ripper-Pro-wonderfox-Giveaway-rip-CSS-Region-code-protection
  • It allows users to Edit, Enhance, and Set DVD Movie. Therefore, users can make their personal style movie videos which they prefer most. DVD-Ripper-Pro-wonderfox-Giveaway-edit-enchance-personalise

Who is WonderFox?

 WonderFox Software is a multimedia software giant, which company specializes in producing functional and easy-to-operate multimedia software around the world. As one of the best video converter maker, WonderFox is dedicated in producing one-stop, all-in-one converters, providing solutions from personal computer to home theatre and from personal computer to portable devices. Thanks to its high quality and meticulous care for customer service, WonderFox shares a good reputation from 3,000,000 users worldwide. WonderFox’s mission is to make the best software and offer the best software service around the world. So you can feel relieved to download and use their software.

How to join WonderFox 2015 June DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway Campaign?

DVD Ripper PRO For Free

Well, there is no complicated rules need to know and obey.

1. One landing page to go, and all you need to do is to download the free gift by clicking [GET IT FREE NOW] button & install the software.

2. Do register the software with the pack license before June 21st, 2015, or your gift will downgrade to a trial version software. The license is a lifetime license but with no update support.

At last, enjoy!

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