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5 Best ways to grow your business online for long term

Are you looking to start a business?

What’s your plan & Strategy?

What is your product? Will you be providing service or create a solution/ERP?

Getting a thought to start a business is easy but most difficult is to act and adhere to its plan. It’s even easier to setup business online. You just need to have a domain, affordable hosting plan, website and product/services. But you need to take care of many things to run and stand out of the crowd because in online business you will be competing not only with your local competitor but competitor around the world.best-way-to-grow-your-business-online-stupidtechlife-com

Do you know? There are basic but the best way to grow your business online for the long term. I will try to keep it simple. Let have a look at 5 best ways to grow your business online.


The most basic thing that is the backbone of your business is your product or services. You must investigate your skill and should come up with a product/service that you can provide without getting bored. It can be anything like

  • Developing software
  • Assisting/consulting on finance online
  • Teaching online maths/coding/language/creative thing
  • Playing guitar/flute
  • Starting blog to provide gadget review/ cosmetic review/ business review/ place-review/college review

The list is endless depending upon your skill and passion.

Do you know, you can even start a service to investigate, check and provide authenticate data for running business or service. As many people get trapped in the wrong service or product. For example, many people are interested in having online entertainment/making money online; here you can provide services like online casino reviews which will help the audience to get authentic service to get their hands dirty on the genuine products.


Without the audience, there is no business. Your product and service should be such that it makes your audience life easier and faster. Unless your product and services benefit your audience you can’t sustain in your business.

Now you may have a question, how do I target my audience?

Let me tell you, it’s really simple. For example, you want to start teaching Guitar online, starting looking for websites or sellers who are selling Guitar online. Invest some money and pay them to show your online class ads on their website. Or get the list of email ID from them who purchases guitar and mail those people from your end. Even if out of 10 atleast 2 will take your class, don’t you think it’s a good start.growth-in-business-stupidtechlife


Social media is a big platform to reach your audience across the world. Create an attractive page with a good sample tutorial. You can request people in your network to give a review on your page. Using this simple step you can reach your friend’s friend. It will help you build a brand for your class. Now you can run an ads campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. These will give a boost to your business if targeted to the correct audience.

Be active in your group and reply to comment. Try to engage with the audience in your group or on other similar groups created by someone else like you.


No matter how well your online business is running. You can get more authentic customers if you contact them personally. I would suggest planning and meeting them by conducting a seminar/small meeting. This will help you to get customers from via your existing customer.


This is the most important skill you can have in any kind of business or for your personal life. Always be thankful for your audience whether they become your customers or not. This will generate more customers for your product and services via existing customer references.


These are simple but effective ways to grow your business online. Your business will never fail even if you are providing simple products/services at a small scale. You will see the growth in your business gradually. I would love to read your view regarding this topic. You can also suggest via comment, how one can grow any business or share your business story with us.

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I am Shivkumar Lohar from Mumbai.
I believe in learning,practicing and implementing, whatever I learn.
A Music lover and love to explore latest gadgets and softwares.

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