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3 most useful Microsoft office applications in Google Chrome Apps

Microsoft office application is an indeed, awesome application by Microsoft’s developer to enhance the documentation work from complex and traditional way to desktop application which is really handy and almost less time consuming.

You must have come across Google drive where you can save, edit and share your word file, excel sheet, PowerPoint etc online using your Gmail account.

This online editor of Google drive provides almost all the functionalities which are available on the desktop application. There are many importance of Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint etc in our daily lives. Some of the points regarding the importance of the Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint etc are highlighted below.

Importance of word, PowerPoint and excel editor:

#1. It provides great functionality to format the document which can be impressive enough to approve your document from your seniors.

#2. Inbuilt format for daily purpose work like letter writing, cover page, presentation etc.

#3.  Maintaining and Analyzing large amount of data is quite easier using these applications.

#4. Strategy planning and decision making is very effective using the functionality of these applications.

#5. It is used not only for office record but even a school children can use this application to make their project report, record and analyze their marks for better planning for their study.

 #6. Writer can use this application to write their article or complete novel.

#7. All companies are boon with the functionality of PowerPoint which helps them to present about their ideas, products etc to audience and their seniors.

#8. Professors, teachers uses PowerPoint to explain syllabus topic to their students.

From the above points I just want to conclude that it doesn’t matter whoever you are, you have to use this application to complete some or other importance task.

Keeping all this in mind Google chrome has developed its chrome extension for Microsoft office application like word, excel, powerpoint.

This can be downloaded using below links:

#1.  chrome extension for word

Microsoft Word Online   Work together on Word documents

#2. chrome extension for Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Online   Work together on PowerPoint presentations

#3. chrome extension for excel sheet

Microsoft Excel Online   Work together on Excel spreadsheets

Though you can find this extension on Google chrome, this extension is provided and supported by Live.com, hence you will need to have a Microsoft account.

Advantage of online editor as compared to desktop editor:

#1. Since the entire document, excel sheet, PowerPoint files are store on online drive, your local disk space is saved.

#2. Online files can be accessed from anywhere; you don’t have to worry about to carry your files in your hard disk or pendrive etc.

#3. If you are working with the team then this drive is really helpful to share files and work together.

#4. While working with online editor, in case if you face any system corrupt from client side then you don’t have to worry about your files since everything is auto saved and safe on server.

How to access these online editors using your browser?

Once you have downloaded and installed this extension in your chrome you won’t get these editor options in list of installed extension.

Instead you can check these options by clicking on Application menu button present on your bookmark strip.


So, work and store all your important files and keep your files safe from system failure or hard disk corruption.

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