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What is USB debugging Mode? How to enable it in Android Smartphone?


If you are android user you must have definitely come across these words i.e. ‘USB debugging Mode’ many times. Every time when you connect your  Smartphone with your PC, you will get a prompt notification to enable USB Debugging Mode. Before getting into the steps to enable the debugging Mode let’s check what is USB debugging Mode? And why do we ... Read More »

Managing all email ID is now easier using myMail Android Application


myMail is one of the android application to manage all email IDs in single bucket. But why ‘myMail’ when we have inbuilt gmail apps in our smartphone? I will answer this question shortly; first tell me who are you? A student, professor, manager, blogger or employee in reputed firm? Whoever you may be! I can guarantee that you would be ... Read More »

Welcome to my first article on STL


STL wishes you a very Happy Holi. Please play a safe and eco-friendly holi. Holi is the festival of colors, happiness and true spirit. As Indian, we celebrate this day with full of enthusiasm and enjoyment. It has been said that on the day of holi, our enemies also becomes our friends. Read More »

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