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  1. Excellent guide to login in gmail without getting through two step verification.
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  2. I haven’t faced any problem till now but I keep my verification codes with me so that I can access my email even my phone doesn’t work in some situation.

    Nice post Shiv.
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  3. amazing post very helpfull for me
    thanks for shring it here

  4. बहोत बढ़िया जानकारी.
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  5. Hi,

    Currently i am unable to login my gmail account. I don’t have the backup code and also i have lost my phone.

    Can you please help how to login to my account.


  6. I don’t understand how I can access my back up codes if every time I try to log in I’m asked about the codes to complete the log in process???

    • Hi Boris,

      This backup code you can use when your gmail has 2 step verification on, but you don’t have your mobile to receive the 2 step verification code which is send on register mobile number for verification.

      In case if you have lost your mobile then you can use this code to login in your gmail account using step mention in above article. You don’t need to use this code for every login, instead use this when you don’t have mobile phone with you to receive verification code.

      Hope this will help. Thanks for coming by and asking for help.

      Have a great day ahead! 🙂

      >SK Lohar
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  7. Hi sir i have lost my phone including the sim and accidentally i put the back up codes inside the cover of the phone i can still acces my recovery email how can i change my recovery phone?? I cant change it with out my number im afraid that someone who finds my phone will use my gmail account

    • Hi Mho,

      As you said you have your recovery mail with you, you can login to your main account then add new phone number. Once new number is added delete the old number. Hence forth you can use your new number to access gmail account.

      And the previous code which was there in your back cover for that you can generate new code and use it.

      Thanks for coming up with your query. Hope this will help.

      Have a great day ahead! 🙂

      >SK Lohar
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  8. It was good article but i’m not able to do login my gmail account. I lost my phone number and now i’m not able to signin my account. As you said that the instructions I fallowed but I can’t able to go to the page backup codes. Can you please help me with this? thank you.

  9. I have created my Gmail when i was in thailand last 4 months ago. Now i came back to india, i can’t able to open my account. I know my email ID and password. I have phone number also but can’t receive any verfication codes. Rite now it was very important for me to check my email. How can I open my gmail and check? can you please help me with it. This is my email which i need to open : ratnaliceywam@gmail.com . Thank you so much.

    • Hi Ratna,

      If you know your email id and password and still not able to login as you mention that you are not able to receive verification code on your mobile.

      Alternatively you can use other option for verification like using 8 digit backup code which I have already mentioned in above post how to create backup code. Incase you dont have backup code then you can ask for google assistance to get access to sign in ( this may take 3-5 bussiness day for your account security reason).

      I would recommend you to generate your backup code using step mention in above article and keep it with you to get access to your gmail account without any trouble.

      Thanks for coming by and asking for help.

      Have a great day ahead! 🙂

      >SK Lohar
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  10. thanks for the help
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  11. HI sir
    .my Gmail account is not opened because of verification code
    .verification code is not coming on my register mobile number..I try another method to sign in. I fill my register mobile number but mughe apne security question ka nhe pta Kya answer hai.please sir help me
    its very urgent. this is my first time I face such a problem.

  12. how can I get the backup codes if I can’t log in!?

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